Living in a LEGO room

So I decided to move to a LEGO room. You told me that you think I'm a loser.
I'm JUST a creator of ideas and creative living. An artist.
But it doesn't count, in a society where people admire money in comparison to happiness, in comparison to the fake one we were brought to believe the money can buy us.
So you know what? Fuck it. Fuck your want to tell me how bad I am just because I don't work all the time, "wasting" my time on art and deep relationships with people. Fuck you and fuck this new belief, that money is goddess; that money worth more than anything else. That you need to work hard for being able to really enjoy life. That you need to work in a job that you hate, in order to be able living lovely life, that you'll enjoy from.
Where are these lovely life? What are you working for?
What for?
Why are you living for?
How do you believe it?!?

You say that I'm too lazy, and this is why I'm asking to live in the lego room. That I can do better, but I prefer be a loser who doesn't work for my needs. That I can pay more for fancier room.
You know what? Someday, I'm sure, when people will read what I'm writing right now, these days, things like what I'm saying to you now, they will appreciate the fact that I preferred working less and write more.
Maybe even you'll realize that you were stupid by not appreciating my huge craft.
A craft is a work that is not something that you hate. It's something that you do with love, in comparison to work that you do because you HAVE to do it, and don't WANT to do.
I have no time to waste on being a ship. I have no time to spend on thinking how others will look on me, have no time for stupid conversations, no time to please-people conversations, no time to think how people look on how I look like, no time to waste on what they think about the fact that I live in the other room in the house that I live, which is mostly dedicated to the buildings of the LEGO builder that lives with me.

I prefer living on a bad in a LEGO room, a room that is a working room of my housemate,
but living in this LEGO room is inspiring, not only because it's full of surrealistic but because I can actually enjoy life instead of work hours on hours and suffer. I prefer eating every day something different, and to eat only if I'm hungry, than forcing myself to eat everyday in the same hours and the same tastes.
I prefer going to sleep whenever I'm tired, when I feel that I accomplished something big and important in my life, instead of forcing myself go to bed because tomorrow I NEED to WORK. I want to wake up in the morning hungry, almost starving, and to eat because I want to have energy for being alive, especially fruits that give me energy and vitality, prefer right from a tree. I want to live fully, I want to have time to do what I really love, to be able to have deep relationships with people, to do what I really love.
I want un-wrinkled and un-acne face – these are two extremes – acne is for youngsters and wrinkles are for elders, usually, but they arrive from the same reason. They don't JUST fall on us from the skies like shooting stars.
They arrive to us because we are both, youngsters and elders, are concerned about what we NEED to do, instead of what we WANT to do. What are the society's expectations from us.
And I'm sick of it.

And in the recent days, or maybe even weeks, I smell smoke all the time; as like somebody is just pouring never ending smoke into this city that make us all cancer – And this is what I'll do, I'll try to stop it, even if you'll say there is no reason to do anything because it'll be a failure or a waste of time. I do it because I'm in love with life.




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